About Our Dental Flosser

Groove & Locking System
Inside of its minimalistic appearance, there is a patent pending system comprising the groove channel, the design of the tips and the fastening button. As a result the floss is kept tight throughout use
Tip Design & Its Dimensions
The tips of the flosser are designed to the optimal width so that there is enough length for users to finish flossing all the upper and lower teeth. This width makes it comfortable to move around in the mouth too.
Flossing Is Made Quick And Easy
Innovative sleek design makes flossing easy and thorough while avoiding single-use plastics
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How to use?

Waste Less Gain More

How the floss
is kept tight Waste Less Gain More

Achieving the Correct
Way of Flossing

  • Applying Force Top-down Against Root of Teeth
  • Correct Way of Flossing Even For Back Teeth
  • Doesn’t Twist Into Teeth Gap
  • Keeps Gums Strong and Fresh
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What is included in the pack?

Complete set
Complete set
Concealed cutter avoids<br />
cutting fingers
Concealed cutter avoids
cutting fingers
Easy to pick floss off<br />
the surface
Easy to pick floss off
the surface
Flossing is Made Quick and Easy
We don’t like the throwing away single-use packaging of dental floss on the marke. Our dispenser is made
re-usable for you to replace the floss roll every few months. Replacement floss will be available on Amazon and our website.

The Dispenser as the Stand
The floss dispenser contains a roll of floss inside with a metal cutter on the surface. The dispenser can also serve as the stand for the flosser to make them a complete set in your bathroom. It also keeps the flosser clean.
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