Get Ready For Taking Impression

The Impression Kit

Please take out the impression kit you have ordered from us. It should contain two impression trays and 3 pairs of putty of different colours. You need one pair for upper arch, one pair for lower arch. The 3rd pair is spare

A Standalone Mirror

The mirror is for you to check the position of the tray in your mouth before you sink your teeth into the putty. If you don’t have a mirror you can ask someone else to have a look for you. This person can also help you with the timing.

A Timer or Phone

This is IMPORTANT. The putty is formulated to harden in a given length of time. The process consists of 3 steps which all need to be timed to SECONDS. You must STRICTLY follow the given time to the second, for each stage.

Step ONE Mix the Putty (Strictly 35 Seconds)

Pick a Pair of Putty

Wash your hands first. Pick a pair of putty of different colours. Open the box to take them out. Put the tray inside your mouth against the upper arch to check whether its big enough (it should cover your last tooth on both sides). Start your time NOW for the first session of 35 seconds.

Mix the Putty

Knead the putty with your fingers until it gets into one even colour. Make sure that you DO NOT see streaks in the mixed putty. When 35 seconds is up reset your timer IMMEDIATELY to start timing step 2.

Step TWO Place the Putty In Tray (Strictly 70 Seconds)

Pick the Upper Tray

Now that your timer is on for Step two, you can pick the correct tray for upper as shown in photo next

Put Putty Into Tray

Place the mixed putty into the upper tray. Make it the shape as shown in photo, next: Now go to the mirror or have a friend to help

Position Tray in Mouth

Hold the handle of the tray with the putty side upward and put it in your mouth against the upper arch. Position your teeth in area shown in photo. Do NOT bite yet. When 70 seconds are up reset immediately to start next step.

Step THREE Bite the Putty and Finish (Strictly 3 Minutes)

Press Tray Against Teeth

With your teeth in position against the tray, firmly press the tray towards your teeth with two thumbs. Push upward vertically to avoid touching edge of the tray. Make sure your teeth hit the bottom of the tray at both front and back.

Putty Sets and Take Out

Keep your thumbs pressing the tray against your teeth. Stay steady for 3 FULL minutes. Then pull the tray slowly but firmly downward. Do not drag or move about. Take the tray out of your mouth.

What a Good Impression Looks Like

A. Clear and round margin to allow us to see the gum-line. No distortion from dragging


B. Make sure your teeth have been fully inserted into the putty, both front and back.


C. The last tooth on both sides are taken in.


Repeat the Above Steps to Take Your Lower Impression (please roll the putty into sausage shape, put in the tray and flatten the surface)

Please take photos of both upper and lower impressions and send to us to check. Take in A,B and C as shown above in your photos.